I, we, every individual person lives in a world where it seems truth is in flux. The real truth is never in flux – it is constant, it never changes. Did the sun come up today? Yes it did. Did everyone of us see the sun come up? The obvious answer is no, though it did arise in the east proving the truth of the sunrise cycle. Truth is like the sun in this respect, it is not dependent on whether we see it or not.  Brilliant sunlight may flood the room with a glow of golden light but if we close our eyes to the truth of that light  then practically speaking we are in the dark and without light. This amounts to our point of view being incorrect.

Truth is like that – it makes no excuse for those that ignore it or have no interest in it. Cultures around the world  magnify and even worship the things made by human hands as well as the things made by God. The Creator has established footprints through thousands of years showing that He was and is and will continue to be. He tells us that He desires to be worshipped for who He is and for what He does. Jesus the Christ is the embodiment of the absolute truth of God and is God’s promised deliverer foretold in Genesis 3:15. Long ago, when I was 26 years old, I met the Truth when the best I had hoped for was to find some degree of truth in what I had concluded to be a world full of lies. I found the One who created the light that is so constant and reliable that He outshines the sun! Now if I stand on my tip toes I see my 69th birthday just ahead and I have found the Lord’s perfect adherence to His word to be exactly that – absolutely perfect. The Lord God’s revealed truth will prove to be the reality by which all are justified or fit to live in His kingdom eternally. Those who reject His truth will have made their decision to exclude God from their eternity.